Cruise Indonesia. Bali, Lombok, Sumbawa, Flores, Komodo, Sumba, Roti. Swim deserted sandy beaches. Surf perfect uncrowded waves. Charter the classic teak schooner Sri Noa Noa.

Bali cruises aboard the Sri Noa Noa

Sail to Lombok, Sumbawa, Komodo, Flores and Rote

AWAITING DISCOVERY.........the exotic Indonesian Archipelago
Sail on a gentle sun soaked cruise aboard the classic teak schooner "Sri Noa Noa"


Follow your own path,
set your own pace

Cruise around deserted tropical atolls, sandy beaches, active volcanoes, clear tropical waters and peaceful villages set amongst lush rainforests & fertile rice paddies...more

Make your honeymoon special

Perfect for those couples who to get away from it all. Our crew will make sure you won't have to lift a finger. The Sri Noa Noa is ideal to make your honeymoon uniquely romantic.

Honeymoon in a tropical pardise on a classic teak schooner

Surf Indonesia's world class waves

Surf perfect uncrowed waves

We can take you to all the legendary uncrowded breaks between Bali and Roti including Desert Point, Scar Reef, Super Suck, Yo-Yo's, T-land,& many you won't have heard of...more

Small Groups

We specialize in exclusive groups of up to 6

Cruising on the Sri Noa Noa

Get off the beaten track with family and friends.

We take care of all the little things.

We'll pick you up from the airport & take you straight on board.

Our experienced & qualified crew look after your every need with a smile.

Delicious cuisine prepared for you. You don't even have to do the dishes!

Spacious, shaded & sunny flat deck areas

Relax under sail

Well ventilated, comfortable sleeping quarters complete with fans.

Kick Back and Relax

Flexible tour duration & itineraries. Go where YOU want to go.

Explore the Indonesian Islands

Guided trips ashore to see places the big boats miss.

The perfect holiday in a tropical paradise.

Sun sail surf on the Sri Noa Noa

Follow your own path,
set your own pace

Qualified & experienced crew, fluent in English and Indonesian.

Visit deserted sandy beaches

15yrs operation between Bali & Timor.

See the Dragons on Komodo. Sail to the Gili islands. Climb volcanos on Lombok. Surf the uncrowded breaks at Sumba, Sawu and Rote. Snorkel on coral reefs and atolls.

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